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Love to use my brain a lot. Sites 2, 4, 5 and 6 present small Bt Horizons that only show clay skins on ver- tical ped surfaces. An A Horizon was present on sites 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6. Taking into account all the results, the thickness of the A Horizons seems to correlate negatively with the thickness of the O Horizons. Globally, the seven profiles seem to have different pedogenic processes related with the natural organization of particles that forms discrete units separated by pores or voids.

The observed layers also seemed dependent of the vertical water infiltration and points to a long temporal stability, which means unchanging ho- rizons in quantity, quality or physical conditions.

4 reasons to choose Hotel Talisman

When we look to site 7, located few meters away from site 3, the ho- rizons seems to have different origins with volcanic ash consolidated on site 7 and not at site 3. The pumice deposits found at the studied sites are compatible with last largest sub-plinian pumice deposits erupted from Pico Alto, and also compatible, with the isopach map of pumice deposits for such years eruption, produced by DOI: No older soils were found on Guilherme Moniz Caldera, or around the sam- pled sites, able to remobilized carbon to these places from more developed sur- rounding soils. No paleosols interbedded within tephra layers were observed.

All this seems to mean that either the pedogenesis was incipient because of the lack of time between volcanic episodes or because of the unfavourable morphological position of the deposits, or, being well developed, the upper horizon may have been eroded. If an erosion surface was not observed to truncate a placic horizon, the dating obtained through him, although it represents rigorously only a ter- minus post quem, must be close to the real age of the volcanic ashes above this horizon.

To have certainty about the age of the materials above the cart-ruts, a black- ish-brownish layer placic Horizon formed inside the grooves were analysed. The studied layer was cemented mostly by iron, manganese and organic matter see Figure The placic horizon generally has a thickness between 2 mm and 10 mm USDA, The placic found onto the cart-ruts has a thickness between 2 mm and 3 mm. Most placic horizons occur in areas of moist climates with low evapotranspi- ration as in this case. The pumice layer was inside a groove at site 6, and the placic horizon is above the brown iron rich layer.

Research on placic horizons genesis suggests that the iron is reduced and mo- bilized in the horizon surface, than oxidized and precipitated in the B horizon, where it can adsorb soluble organic matter USDA, The placic horizons form in material with a variety of textures ranging from sands or volcanic ashes to clays. In the British Isles the placic Horizons occur under peat-forming erica- ceous or grassy semi natural vegetation, which was a years look-a-like for- est that was subjected to periodic burns USDA, Similarly, the Guilherme Moniz Caldera vegetation is composed essentially by native vegetation of Erica azorica Hochst.

No traces of fire near the area of cart-ruts were observed. They are older than years. In order to cross this chronology with further dating methods, a sample of placic horizon see Figure 12 , collected inside a groove of one unearthed cart-rut was taken for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry AMS dating. The sample was sieved through a micrometre sieve.

At a first glance, the material caught in the sieve did not appear to be organic due to the fact of having large amount of iron and manganese. The factors in- fluencing the formation of these cemented horizons are poorly understood, and it was assumed that the sample had also organic matter.

Hotel Talisman (Hotel), Ponta Delgada (Portugal) Deals

The sample was than treated with a stronger acid to break up and dissolve the iron and the emitted CO2 recovered. In wet or flood plains, a dated sample may be composed of carbon from sev- eral sources, which may have been younger or older than the level it was depo- sited in, but normally younger pyroclastic products pumice falls associated with pyroclastic surges, pumice flows or volcanic breccias cover the older deposits.

It is also possible to have run water through the impermeable grooves, in the bed rock, which can bring in carbon of younger ages. Thus, as far as we could see at different profiles, and taking into account the cart-ruts slopes, the cavities on Guilherme Moniz Caldera and the isopachs of the pumice dispersions of the Pi- co Alto eruptions, any 14C ages from such placic horizons could simply be seen as a minimum age terminus post quem for the grooves. We have no any kind of evidence of water re-deposition of ashes or erosion on the different horizons, except on the topsoil.


This result is compatible with the estimated of Calvert et al. We only can say that they are likely to be pre-Portuguese. Taking into account the humidity and rain patterns of the island and soil profile of the Guil- herme Moniz Caldera little top soil , no irrigations system was needed for agri- cultural production at that place assuming that the climate has never changed, being the same described by Gaspar Frutuoso when the first settlers ar- rived to the Azores.

These grooves are parallel to a natural water line and have a water catchment nearby. It seems unlikely that these grooves were used for irri- gation, drainage or agriculture. The irregularity of the surface of the bed rock, where the ruts are made, points towards an explanation other than the extensive use of ox-carts. It seems difficult for animals with hooves, like oxen, horses or donkeys to move across the irregu- lar shape of the bed rock with the observed slopes.

At the Azores, traditionally, the ox-carts were pulled by two oxen, but at this place part of the cart-ruts sys- tem is embedded in the ground and only permits the passage of a lonely animal. The presented chronology for the Passage of the Beasts is consistent with pre- vious chronologies that point towards human presence in Terceira Island in or before the 11th century and also contributes towards the emerging literature on pre-Portuguese presence in the Azores Islands. Furthermore, our analysis seems to confirm an important observation made by Drummond the most complete and authoritative historian of Terceira Island, thus addressing an important hypothesis within the Azorean historio- graphy that had not been subject to scientific testing so far.

This enables integra- tion between scientific and historiographical elements that provides a fruitful route for future investigation, even if much further work is still necessary in or- der to identify a clear archaeological context for further inferences on which specific culture may have existed in the Azores Islands before Portuguese arrival. Conflicts of Interest The authors declare no conflicts of interest regarding the publication of this pa- per.

Tearing Secrets from the Land. The Oracle, 2, Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, , Corvo esconde relheiras longas e intactas. Annaes da Ilha Terceira. As Saudades da Terra Vol.

Find Hot Azores Single Women Via Interracial Dating Central

Colo- nization and Dispersal. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, , GSA Special Papers Persistent Features from a Palaeo-Landscape: The Ancient Tracks of the Maltese Islands. The Geographical Journal, , A Historiografia e o Povoamento da Ilha Terceira. The Passage of the Beasts. The Cart Ruts of Malta: An Applied Geomorphology Approach. Author of the Aerial Photo of the Passage of the Beasts. Land, Sea and Skyscape: Culture and Cosmos, 17, Rush Hour in Pompeii. Insights from Terceira Island Azores. Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems, 15, Coastal Evolution on Volcanic Oceanic Islands: Earth Science Review, , Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, , Article ID: Sobre as Relheiras da Ilha Terceira.

Pingo de Lava, 39, Megalithic Discoveries in the Azores.

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