Dating a female tattoo artist

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I'm a female tattoo artist and I have dated men in my profession and men who have nothing to do with tattooing. I have not encountered any of the above issues that you've mentioned, but there is always set-backs and difficult periods during a relationship, no matter what your occupation is. Trust me, our job can be very stressful and it's often very difficult to find partners who accept our professionalism and our methods who are not involved in the tattoo industry, as they do not understand.

There's more to me than that!! Being in this industry shows you a few tricks about how to read what people are really after!!

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I think that if these things bother you too much, you should mention them to her. She cannot help being close to other's bodies, it's her job. I wish you good luck with your relationship and I hope it lasts for both of you Date A Tattoo Artist.

Things to Know While Dating a Tattoo Artist—Five Years In | PairedLife

This Site Might Help You. For example, their hours of work, being close to another persons body, having more Related Questions Dating a tattoo artist? Dating a tattoo artist? Girls what's wrong with dating a tattoo artist?

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Would you date a tattoo artist? Would you date a female tattoo artist?

Answer Questions Raised skin on flat side of monroe piercing? The sound of the tattoo guns drilling into skin, Black Sabbath blaring, an aggressive tattooed dude sizing you up Tattoo parlors have historically been male-dominated spaces — dens of heteronormative ruggedness and toughness, populated and owned by men. Thus, entering this space, not to mention succeeding in it as an employee, can be an onerous task for female, queer and trans tattoo artists.

A photo posted by on. The rugged masculinity of tattoo parlors: It's Morrell, and others like them, who are challenging and changing the traditionally male-dominated industry, to create a safer space for not only their clients, but for themselves.

Of those artists, not just in Chicago but worldwide, it's easy to assume that the main harassment non-male identifying artists have to deal with comes from customers, but not so. Early on, Morrell dealt with the type of workplace harassment that would make many with thinner skin pack up and leave the industry forever.

Here's What Female Tattoo Artists Really Want You to Know

He treated me with a huge amount of disrespect simply for being a woman and [was] saying really inappropriate sexual harassment things to me on top of everything. Another form of harassment having their work mocked or infantilized. Artists like North noted that the body shaming of clients, similar to the infantilization of female artists' work by their male counterparts, is yet another problematic shard stuck in the industry.

In other shops I've worked in, there's been underhanded comments made by other artists when clients would leave," said North. Inspired by the body positive Instagram movements such as Tess Holliday's Eff Your Beauty Standards , North uses these comments to propel her forward and celebrate diversity. Beyond social media, there's one very clear way women are combatting judgment, harassment and stigma in the tattoo industry: