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Or maybe its sooo obvious they are together that yg does not see the need to confirm anything when everyone pretty much knows lol. I never stan someone like I stan GD. But I'm not blind to think I have right to dictate him. As long as he's happy, And in every pictures with Kiko, he looks happy so I just can't stand tha so called fans who said they love GD but don't really consider his feeling!

A very reasonable explanation! GD have way more hardcore fangirls literally fangirls for oppa than the rest of Bigbang members. I'm in the fandom so I know how crazy, delusional and crazy some GD fangirls can be. The amount of death threats and insults Kiko received over the past few years from GD fangirls is no joke. I'm actually surprised that Kiko has been receiving much more support from BB fans lately, which is a good sign but it was hell for Kiko in the past.

Kiko is imo a cool, strong, famous and beautiful woman but she isn't exactly a good girl. She did and posted a lot of controversial things that pissed off Koreans or make people feel uncomfortable. She has a very negative image in Korea so obviously dating her just worsen GD's reputation, which was already ruined a lot by his own scandal. So confirming the relationship is like adding oil to fire. Or basically GD just doesn't want to publicize at all?

I agree but I don't understand the reason. They talk about her like she's a disease or some disgusting trash. She's not some disease or disgusting trash , but she's done her fair shares of bad deeds that made k-netz dislike her. I don't think that's the thing. KNetz have some reason why they don't like her. She had taken some pictures with the Japanese imperial flag when they invaded Korea and there's pictures where she visited the Yasakuni shrine. Here's my thing, the Yasakuni shrine has war criminals AND innocent people there.

But, Korea tends to focus on the bad of the shrine. And with the imperial flag, I think it was just a wrong time wrong place thing. They're just taking it really personal, which I get since she posed in front of a rising sun flag, which some Japanese use as an accessory. It's still very offensive to Koreans and Chinese people though. Considering it's netizens, I'm assuming hey just wanna cause drama. If I am Kiko, I'll be hella mad too.

Maybe because GD doen't want to confirm cause he thinks his private relationships are nobody else's business while Taeyang is a bit more relaxed about it? Don't pretend you don't know her name when you know everything else about her lol. That's what I'm saying lol it's their choice to say it or not,it doesn't have to be because they're on and off. Wooow i really love her in that mv! But idk much about her. Mind to tell me what variety she has been into? I thought yg stans were very mature unlike other fans and are so accepting to whoever their kengz date because it's their personal lives? Kiko is so problematic in Knetz eyes, but for me she's just a pretty dumb and uncultured.

Even if she's half korean, she was educated in Japan and apparently that contributed a lot in her ignorance of her ancestor's history or summat. Knetz have some solid reason to hate her, but the degree to the hatred is over the top lmao. She was just, dumb. I watched her interviews in Japanese and she didn't seem bright.

Running man ep and she was paired with Lee Jong Suk who is also my bias and they are sooo cute lol XD. It has nothing to do with that. Apart from all the "human" related reasons like his personality or his charm or whatever people are attracted by in him. GD himself has just as much presence as Bigbang individually. He was marketed to be that way because he was the unique point about BB the success factor. The leader that composed and continues to do so a hit that set off Bigbang and remains a favourite of the public.

Even down to his aesthetic: Plus, If you havn't noticed Korea has lacked the individual male artist in kpop. GD is pretty much standing alone on that hill now, a hill made of fangirl's hopes ans imagination. Add Kiko to the mix and that hill might cave from beneath him or atleast cause a landslide.

This is all of course from a general and to a point an objective outlook. P ain't around for the fangirls. You should get acquainted with his insta replies or even the recent livecast. Also he's too wierd for mass taste. How are you guys so sure about that?

It's like all of you are best friends with Kiko and she tells you all her secrets. Lol she had a tweet referring to being single with all these emoticons. That was right when they both unfollowed everyone on instagram. And I'm glad she does, because I imagine how GD will feel guilty if Kiko takes every hateful comments.

GD has the most number of hardcore fangirls in VIP fandom. GD is charming and attractive as hell I must say, even tho he's not the most handsome. Don't forget his talent and aura that make a lot of girls head over heels for him: D GD appeals to a lot of ppl of all ages: Teens, 20s, 30s, even ahjummas or grannies, guys, gays, etc fall for him!

Park Bom Dating G-Dragon? Move Over CL & Kiko! - Celebrity News & Gossip - OneHallyu

TOPstans are also more chilled because TOP keeps his privacy utterly private, he doesn't expose himself to the media often and he doesn't get into dating scandals like GD only had 1 with Shin Min Ah. He has a rather quiet life and only come out once in a while during BB's hiatus so TOP stans don't have to go on any emotional roller coaster like GDstans, we're more or less chilled: He can totally look like a cute flowerboy whenever he wants and young fangirls are really into that look.

Taeyang seems to have the most number of fanboys and casual fans cuz his music is very popular and guys like him. And the fact that he never got a girlfriend for so many years make VIPs feel like a happy mama when her old son got a girl lol. Especially the people here on this website. I can read Korean and haven't seen that level of toxicity on even Nate. Nbuzz can be ridiculously filthy at times. Because she writes on sns every time they break up. Uh they break up again then Just saw Kiko and GD with photo V.

They are on again XD lol Plus when they were on break GD said he was on slump and can't get inspiration to write songs, that's one of the reasons big bang canceled their comeback. Am i the only one who like Kiko? She's pretty and cool. I feel so sorry for Kiko. She's still hated whether they confirm or not. It must be so sad to see taeyangs relationship praised epically since her in Hyorin are friends.

GDstans can be very embarrassing sometimes. But that's an inevitable consequence of having a huge individual fanbase and enormous popularity tho.

DaraGon News: Sandara Park & G-Dragon Share The Love With 2NE1's Park Bom, BIG BANG's Seungri,

Saw Hyorin's Insta post of her baby picture. She was indeed a super natural beauty! They'd make very very pretty kids: And another thing is that she has a petite but voluptuous body haha I wonder if GD ever gets jealous with Youngbae about his girlfriend's body lol. I stand GD so hard and I love seeing him smiling to Kiko on dispatch photos. I never stan someone as hard as I stan GD. I like Hyorin better too but Kiko is really big in Japan. She's also beautiful, famous and talented. She's international model and made a career for herself. I respect her tho I don't really like her actions sometimes.

My dream of having taeyang feed me rice cakes is now over but congrats!! I hate Seungri so much you know He was the panda who always looked silly as hell. Esp in bae bae I love his hair, his style, his looks on eyes He should keep it because this stylist is totally his stan lol But I still hate him, he is bias wrecker! I'm confused now how to rank my bias in Bigbang! At the end of the day, they still have an image to project and the kind of lady they date matters to the public. Am not saying the public has the right to rate and dictate who these idols date as much as you cant stop them from talking.

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I actually feel bad for GD for having such kind of fans. I mean sure, they're dedicated af but they've been intruding too much into GD's private life, blatantly bullying his girlfriend and bothering GD so much on SNS. Those kind of fans were probably the reason why GD had to make a private account for Insta and never want to go public with his relationship. GD doesn't want to confirm but he and the girl are both careless with their actions. I think the most important thing is that I'm not an old woman before I see my boys happily dating. I want, another BigBang member openly dating too.

There are sometimes those small posts on her instagram for example where she throws shade if something went wrong again. That weirdly always happens when gd seems to be in a bit of a bad mood or in a slump and around the time she makes weird posts on instagram. Always able to thrive off the negative.

End Game (Feat. Ed Sheeran and Future)

She tends to be quite witty on Japanese variety shows as well. Few years ago when theu were off, Kiko talked about this obsessive ex boyfriend who in the middle of the argument just gives up and starts "but Kiko I love you" lol Recently Kiko said out loud that she's nit dating anyone at the moment. Plus her countless SNS "hints". It's not like TOP's fans are that far off. Recently, TOP had to take down photos with CL either in them or mentioned because those fans were so overprotective. Like the OP said GD is responsible for the most "younger" and obsessivr fans in the fandom.

He is the stan attractor of Bigbang, so its understandable and expected. I never think that he gonna suit white? He's sooooo fckn handsome!!! I think he got new stylish because his suit is waaay better than in Fantastic Baby and Lest talk about love era.. But Tiffany and Nichkhun are Tiffany and Nichkhun. They won't do what Tiff and Nichkhun do. Every relationship is different.

That night I was so mad how many shippers came in, calling out Bom's name and asking TOP why he's not going with Bom and stuff. I love TOP's Insta but those accidents made me wish he just deleted it and go back to his caveman mode. And you know, the way he looks is so hella sexy.

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I remember GD said the way Ri looks should be manlier in let's talk about love era. He even practiced it! But in bae bae and bang bang bang My panda is grown up TT. TT happy, proud, and sad at the same times. TOP told fans to our face that he would never date any of us fans. That was after telling fans to leave his ex-girlfriend alone.

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Oppa is so demanding. He has a very "like it or go find someone else to stan" attitude. Such a high maintenance oppa. He is like a cat. You don't own you cat. The cat owns you.

8 Female Celebrities That Have Been Linked With G-Dragon

I remember last time they were unable to confirm GD's dating rumor because they were busy for Taeyang's concert lol what an excuse.. Kiko and GD are still dating, just let them live Their happiness doesn't concern your own. Not only YG though.

Basically other company will probably do the same. It really depends on whose their artist dating with. This time YG does the same because Taeyang is the one that has that good image and the girl, so far from I read, never involve in controversial thing. Ofc it is easier for YG to confirm their relationship.

You can see most netizen really think positively abt this news. He himself has some scandals and you can see from some comments about the hate toward him. Apparently the girl rumored to be his gf is quiet antique. She has some history about controversial posts for example. That is a big consideration too for YG to confirm that. I was really really proud of TOP when he asked fans to leave his ex girlfriend alone. He could take it because he was celeb, but his ex is just normal people. It was so touching that I teared up.

Because whether GD confirms or not, they know netizens bash them anyway and if they confirm, the blind haters might think that now they have a "legit" reason to hate and bash them everywhere in every way which is not true Not only YG, every company will do the same. Why on earth they would admit it if they know ppl will bash them harder? As in non liberal, like you generally prefer the rich to not be taxed as much, you're patriotic, beliefs in old values. But in terms of right wing Japanese it sometimes means someone who's pro Japanese Nazi era, admired Japan's imperial times etc.

Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Newer Post Older Post Home. Perseus June 2, at 9: Popop June 2, at 9: Skylar June 2, at 9: Papa Don't Preach June 2, at 9: Jenizz pinkcrown June 2, at 9: Sillage June 2, at 9: BIG BANG leader G-dragon, who has from time to time been linked romantically to Sandara, was not part of a long line of celebrities that came to support the K-pop idol who is making her first foray into film acting. Some netizens speculated that G-Dragon may have skipped the red carpet but still supported Sandara in a different way.

Throughout the years, the two artists have constantly been spotted in each other's events like concerts, exhibits and even business ventures to cheer each other on. Speculations were further strengthened when several photos showed CL and Sandara at the event together, Kpopstarz reported. Shippers believe that Sandara and G-Dragon indeed met each other at the event but were careful not to get their photos taken together lest it lead to further speculation of a relationship between them.

Both have continuously denied any romantic ties but maintain that they share a very deep friendship for a very long time. Shippers keep the hope alive that the powerful chemistry witnessed between the two would eventually lead them to dating each other. Take an exclusive look at what went down during A.